Network Management & Guest System Service (NMGS)

Network & Wi-Fi Management

  • 24/7 Real Time Site Monitoring
  • Monthly firmware updates to all equipment
  • Quarterly Site Visits to check on physical condition of all equipment & clean area when needed
  • Email and Phone Support

Guest System

  • Custom Guest Portal branded to your company
  • Email and Phone Support for access issues
  • Limited bandwidth for multiple users. Equal bandwidth sharing
  • Restricted Subnet(s). Guest will have access without anyone being able to access their computer

Additional Features

  • User Banning. If there is a user causing problems to other on the network they can be banned from the system
  • Manual Authentication. If a customer’s computer or Wi-Fi enabled device cannot authenticate to the network they can email or call and we can manually authenticate them on the system
  • Coverage Maps. If you would like to see how your system is preforming we can provide you a Coverage Map of your system. In this map you will be able to see if there are holes in your coverage area or know where you will have service.
  • Traffic Statistics: How are your AP preforming? How much traffic is my system handling? We can provide you by request your network statistics at any time.

NMGS Servers

  • Our servers are hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS provides reliable servers for many small, medium and large industries. We choose this company to host our servers because of who they are and the reliability they provide.
  • Our servers run Ubuntu Linux. We also have SSL in place to have the latest web security. Our servers are routinely updated for the latest and most secure versions.